Our mission

As private Racing Team back in 2005 we were were looking for a significantly performance-enhancing exhaust system for our Aprilia RSV models, which we successfully used in racing. Since there was nothing suitable on the market, we startet our own project.

We developed an exhaust system that finally let the engine breathe. The word got around in the paddocks and let us found Smaltmoto® in 2006. We are constantly expanding the range of products with additional special parts - not only for Aprilias.

At that time, we made a conscious decision to sell directly to the end customer in order to offer an optimal service with the option of individualizing the products. Over the years, our own products have also been supplemented by other manufacturers in our web shop, which we still trust today. Meanwhile, we can offer you almost everything related to the motorcycle today - ask us!

Between 2008 and 2017, our Smaltmoto tuning center helped many customers with motorcycle-related services and our work on our Dynojet-dynamometer earned a good name in the scene. We have now handed over the Smaltmoto tuning center to a dedicated successor who focuses entirely on it.

Since 2018 Smaltmoto has been concentrating on its roots, the development, production and distribution of motorcycle parts.

Please note that there is always someone on the Internet who offers something cheaper. However, we as specialists know what we are talking about and offer you the complete service from a single source. At Smaltmoto® you also get the necessary advice with technical expertise. Our primary goal is to always offer our customers competent, honest and fair service.

No matter whether you are a fast racer or a leisurely street driver - with us every customer is treated equally.

Konstantin von Badewitz

Automotive technician master and Smaltmoto®-Owner