Gripone Chrono Tractioncontrol manual adjustable Aprilia

Gripone Chrono Tractioncontrol manual adjustable Aprilia

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For Aprilia RSV Mille/R 98-03 / ETV Caponord / SL 1000 Falco / Tuono 02-05



Imagine to have a professional traction control system that works also as anti wheelie and launch control. Now imagine that this system is easy to use and very fast to install. Then add to this system a smart function to obtain a GPS laptimer with the same ECU. GRIPONE CHRONO TC is this! A sophisticate control system, with a high level of complexity inside but user friendly. By few parameters you can control the power of your bike and ride safety and fastest.

CHRONO TC - connection

GRIPONE CHRONO TC is a programmable system "stand-alone" that operate as traction control, anti wheelie, launch control, shift-up flash and GPS laptimer (GPS module is optional). All the functions can work together or switched off separately.


How it works How it works How it works


It is connected to 2 speed sensors and to 1 coil (or injector) of the bike (by plug&play loom). In addition the unit can be connected to the IMU (Inertial Motion Unit) to benefit of 3D-Intelligence strategy’s and to external buttons to change the map from the handlebar.
The IMU, thanks to three accelerometers is able to understand the position of the motorcycle, if it is accelerating or braking, the radius of curvature that the vehicle is making and more. The control unit processes all information and defines a level of "safe" slip beyond which intervenes limiting the power of engine.

CHRONO TC - buttons

CHRONO TC has two buttons (OPTION and MENU) through which you can configure the unit. You can access the menu (shown on the LCD) by pressing the MENU button. Press MENU button to scroll through all the configuration parameters, up to return to the main screen. For each parameter you can change its value by pressing the OPTION button.


If you ride your bike on race track, you can use GRIPONE CHRONO TC as laptimer and save your lap times and intermediate times into its memory. GRIPONE can record up to 200 laps. To activate this option you have to connect the GPS reciever to the ECU by the 3.5 jack.

CHRONO TC - flash upshift

GRIPONE CHRONO TC has a 5 red led (led bar) used for show how the control strategies are working. The led bar blink when traction control, anti wheelie or launch control strategy are working. The led bar switch on gradually (from the first to the fifth) to show the right moment to up-shift.

Included in the kit

The kit includes all you need to install the system on your bike. All our kits use "plug and play" harness with original connectors. IMU is not included into the kit but it is available as optional accessory .

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GRIPONE CHRONO TC can be installed on all models of motorcycles with electronic fuel injection. Are available "plug & play" kits including original connectors to perform the installation without modifying the original (OEM) system. Download the list of plug & play applicazions. For all other bikes not mentioned can be used universal wiring.

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