Gripone Tractioncontrol S3 Aprilia

Gripone Tractioncontrol S3 Aprilia

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For Aprilia RSV Mille/R 98-03 / ETV Caponord / SL 1000 Falco / Tuono 02-05






What is GRIPONE S3

GRIPONE S3 is the fourth generation of control systems. It includes several control strategies as traction control, anti wheelie, launch control, pit limiter (only for some model of bike) and quick shifter (only for some model of bike). Thanks to the technology 3D-Intelligence and the inertial platform IMU, GRIPONE S3 can understand the lean angle of the bike, the speed and the acceleration and instantly calculate the best level of sensitive. The user sets the desired "average" sensitivity, but the system is able to increase (or decrease) the sensitivity in case of critical situations. 

GRIPONE S3 encloses 5 different control strategies: traction control, anti-wheelie, launch control, quick shifter and speed limiter for the pit lane. (NOTE: the function of the quick shifter and the function of the speed limiter are available only for some models of motorcycles). Check the application list the presence of the functions on your bike.

GRIPone S3 is designed to be used on the track where it is necessary to perfect the performance of each component. For this reason GRIPONE S3 has a data channel to be connected to our datalogger DAMDAM records all the internal values of the control strategies and allows you to improve performance in less time.


How it works How it works How it works


What includes the kit

Included in the kit

The kit includes all you need to install the system on your bike. All our kits use "plug and play" harness with original connectors. IMU is not included into the kit but it is available as optional accessory. PLEASE note that the brackets kit included is not plug&play. It is general propose for traditional swing arm. Download the drawing of brackets.

Acessories of GRIPONE S3

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GRIPONE S3 can be installed on all models of motorcycles with electronic fuel injection. Are available "plug & play" kits including original connectors to perform the installation without modifying the original (OEM) system.  Download the list of plug & play applicazions. For all other bikes not mentioned can be used universal wiring. Here you can find the database where download the maps for your bike.

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