Smaltmoto Eprom Chip

Smaltmoto Eprom Chip

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Smaltmoto Eprom Chip

We have developed this chip for ME or RP motors (1998-2003), it is simular to an open RP58 or Titanium.

There are two maps on that chip.

#1 (connected Pin16 / restricted map) is a normal map and can be used with 91 Octance fuel.

#2 (diconnted Pin16 / deresrtricted map) is a racing map with a agressive ignition map. 98 Octane fuel is recommended.

The fuelmaps are the same on both and a base for a custom mapping. They will suit slip on silecers like Akrapovic, Arrow, Gianelli or LeoVince without db-baffles / killers.

If you have questions please feel free to ask.
We offer also: If you come to our Tuningcenter we can get you a custom map done on our Dynojet 250i test bench. Please contact us about that!

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